We’re all about lights for machines

It started back when our founder was a child and he loved machines, diggers especially. He reckoned, one thing a machine must have, is a good set of lights for working in the dark!

The passion continued and today we supply work lights for machines, trucks, pickups, even oil rigs! We’re only a small team however we are always striving to go above and beyond. We will only supply you with quality products, we don’t like cheap and nasty lights and we believe many others share the same view. That’s why we supply HELLA lights. They are top quality.

We aim to be the ‘go-to’ for work lights in the UK with fast delivery, simple and down to earth service, and great products.

So, head over into our shop and see which lights you require, if you need help, give us a shout and we’ll be very happy to advise.